Beautiful and Big

We get to see these turkeys often around here. They are so much fun to watch and do the funniest things! Like run along the fence trying to squeeze through the small holes; when it is so easy for them just to fly over!IMG_2899




Birds on the Porch!!

You can see the progression of these Barn Swallows as they grew from just peeking over the top to sitting on the edge and then to flying away!! The nest is empty now but they will be back for a second hatching this year.

They are ready to fly

They are ready to fly



Oakleaf Hydrangea

The bees love this plant. Their pollen baskets on their legs are full when they leave the big white flowers.IMG_2554



I wanted to show the humble beginnings of the large Oak Leaf Hydrangea that I posted back in June. This is it’s first summer back in 2009!
Wow – it has really grown – it must like that spot!IMG_0485